Gelykfontein, History

Gelykfontein has been in the Van der Walt family since 1884 when the farm was bought from MR PC Coetzee by Frans & Wife Chrissie Kruger at that stage the family farmed mainly with Cattle and sheep and training cart horses. Jan Harm vd Walt had only one daughter Tienie who married JC vd Walt who was originally from the Middelburg EC. In 1935 JC (Boer) vd Walt Started breeding Thoroughbred horses. In the Late 60’s his twin sons Schalk vd Walt & Jannie vd Walt joined the farming activities and together they also had a small Dairy, farmed with Boer Goats, sheep and South Devon Cattle. In 1977 JC(Boer) vd Walt passed away, Schalk continued on the Farm with the Thoroughbreds, Sheep and Goats.
In the 80’s Schalk decided to diversify the farm and start farming with Indigenous Hardy Animals that can adapt and survive the harsh conditions of the arid Karoo he then got the Nguni Cattle before anyone else in this part of the Karoo farmed with them. Currently the 6th generation Family farms with Nguni Cattle, Rubicon Merino Sheep, indigenous Veld Goats and Thoroughbred Race Horses.

We’ve been working towards a balanced farming operation and strives to continue farming productively and closely with Nature to ensure best quality genetics, hardiness and production on the farm.